Living my Purpose

When I first saw the daily prompt of purpose, it reminded me of the song Purpose from Avenue Q the musical.

‘Everyone else has a purpose, so what’s mine’, is a lyric from the song. And it got me thinking – what is MY purpose.

I sat pondering this for rather a while, I mean it’s hard to know isn’t it. I mean the purpose of having friends is to have people to share your life with, share experiences, love, laugh, talk, etc. Everything in life is there to serve a purpose in one way or another. But when putting the question to myself I was a little stumped.

Currently you could say my purpose was to live, and work in Germany. I enjoy it greatly, I chose to do it, therefore it’s something I chose to do, so would it then be classed as my purpose?

Purpose is a funny word and it’s tying me more in knots the more I think of it…

However I’ve come to the conclusion that my purpose is to live the way I choose, to take the opportunities that I want to take, to live the fullest and most fulfilled life I can, in the ways I choose to do it. My purpose is to live, and to enjoy living as much as humanly possible. I’m not saying I manage this all of the time, but it is something that I’m determined to strive towards. Here’s to living my purpose!




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